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FDA will approve the second dose of Covid-19 vaccine booster injection for people over the age of 50.

According to ABC and national public radio on the 28th, according to two U.S. officials, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may approve the second dose of neocoronavirus booster injection for Americans over the age of 50 as early as Tuesday (29th). According to the report, there is increasing evidence that the protection of […]

Look back 100 years and you’ll see how divided America was about masks.

As for the prevention of COVID-19 novel coronavirus, the Parties in the United States are still quarreling over whether to wear masks or not. However, back in the 1918 flu pandemic, almost 100 years ago, grandparents in today’s America were already wearing gauze masks to protect themselves against the 1918 flu. Officials fear mass hysteria […]

Will wearing masks hinder the development of children’s social skills?

When children are born, they can see people and things around them with their eyes. Through the eyes, you can distinguish between positive and negative emotions, and then learn how to adapt to your environment. To be sure, covering the lower half of your face with a mask will affect this ability. An article published […]

Will masks hinder children’s language development?

A big concern for American parents is whether wearing masks will hinder children’s language development. According to Samantha mitzburn, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of Miami, researchers including her worry that children may not be able to understand and learn new words because they cannot see the speaker’s mouth movements and their […]

listed mask mandate across the United States has been criticized by many as shortsighted.

listed mask mandate across the United States has been criticized by many as shortsighted. Complete disregard for the lives of vulnerable people. At a time when the Biden administration is desperate to “get past” the coronavirus pandemic, state health officials are lifting masks mandate in schools and indoor public places, and businesses across the COUNTRY […]

More than 900 tickets issued in THE US for “mask mandate”

More than 900 tickets were issued in THE US for “mask mandate” The Transportation Security Administration has issued more than 900 fines totaling more than $640,000 to individuals for violating the mask mandate since the federal government began enforcing it on public transportation systems in late January last year. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) imposed […]

Best masks for teacher wearing at school

In schools, teachers teach face-to-face and are in close contact with students for extended periods of time, so wearing relatively high-quality masks to keep themselves and their students safe during the long learning process is critical. In addition to providing full protection, the best masks for teachers need to be as comfortable, layered and breathable […]

Next variant: key questions about what is after Omicron.

Scientists say it’s only a matter of time before the new variants emerge. In early 2022, after the Omicron variant brought a new wave of sars-Nov-2 infection and anxiety, the number of cases in some countries began to decline. But after two years of wavering between the surge and decline of the pandemic, even people […]