Here’s what we know so far about BA.2.

At first, BA.1 was a thousand times as common as BA.2. But in early 2022, BA.2 started to be found in a larger proportion of new infections.

It seems easier to catch.

All versions of Omicron are highly infectious, which is why the variant quickly ruled out early forms of coronavirus, such as delta. But many studies have found that BA.2 is even easier to spread than

T has not yet caused a new surge in the United States and may not.

Early 2022, Pakistan. It is becoming more and more common in some countries. By February, it had dominated the world, driving down British Airways, which once dominated. 1. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates BA.2% jumped from 1% in early February to 11% in early March. It may also soon dominate the country.

But that doesn’t mean Americans are using the new BA.2Wave 2 viruses is infecting many new people. As BA.2 In the United States, the total number of new cases has decreased by about 95%. Worldwide, the number of new cases per day has fallen to half of its peak at the end of January.

As many countries relax their protection against the spread of coronavirus, they may make the BBC more vulnerable to coronavirus infection BA.2. Promote the new growth of cases. A report by British researchers on March 10 suggests that this may be happening there now.

British Airways BA.2. After early Omicron infection, the variant is vulnerable to antibodies produced by the immune system.


When Omicron first appeared, scientists were surprised that it could escape immunity from early variant infection so effectively. This is because its mutation changes the surface of the virus, making it difficult for the antibodies of early variants to adhere to the virus.

Because BA.2 carries many unique mutations that distinguish it from BA.2The researchers wanted to know whether it could escape Ba immunity. BA.1. Infection. This does not seem to be the case. The World Health Organization says it is infected with BA. 1 provides strong protection against Ba infection. two

Bachelor of Arts BA.2 does not seem to be more serious than the previous version of Omicron.

Omicron mutation has proved to be a paradox: it is highly contagious, but it is less likely to cause severe COVID-19 cases than individual Delta infection. This has resulted in many people suffering from a mild micro infection. But this does not mean that the surge in Omicron is “mild” because it infects more people than ever before, resulting in an alarming number of hospitalizations and deaths.

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