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3M is both the name of the company and a registered trademark. 3M is the Minnesota Mining Manufacturing Company.

3M is a global diversified technology company.

“3M masks” refers to all 3M products that can be called masks: such as thermal masks, particulate respirators (dust masks), medical protective masks, and medical-surgical masks

3M Company is the inventor of particulate respirator.

3M Company is the world’s first dust respirator made of new particulate filtration material to cover the nose area of the population, which is widely used to protect all kinds of workers who are exposed to high concentrations of dust in their work.

Main protection objects are all kinds of particles, particles masks ontology usually use prevent particulate filter material, on the head, ears and fixed in the head, by the man’s mouth and nose area form a space that pollutes the air and isolation, and by people pollute the air suction force after mask filter material to filter into the respiratory tract. This type of mask usually has no replacement parts and needs to be discarded as a whole after failure. It is also called a disposable mask or maintenance-free mask and belongs to one of the half-mask respirators.

Respirators designed to prevent particulate matter should address the core needs of good filtration efficiency, good facial fit, and good comfort.

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