Is BA.2 more transmissible?

The World Health Organization says studies show that the BA.2 variant appears to spread more easily than the BA.1 variant.

Associate Professor James Wood of the University of New South Wales School of Population says the new subtype variant is more susceptible to infection than the original strain, with a difference of about 25 percent.

Dr. Wood said: “It first became apparent in Denmark, where it was much more contagious than Omicron.

“The dominant variant for about a month now has been ba.2.

“We’re starting to see that in some other countries like the UK, and now we’re getting data that’s confirming that’s happening in Australia, particularly in New South Wales.

“We think by the end of this month it will account for 90 percent of cases [in NSW].”

Marianne Gale, the deputy chief health officer for New South Wales, said that for a new strain to become dominant, it had to be more transmissible or able to evade vaccines and immune responses.

“The trend we are seeing is more and more omicron BA.2 subtypes,” she said

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