Look back 100 years and you’ll see how divided America was about masks.

As for the prevention of COVID-19 novel coronavirus, the Parties in the United States are still quarreling over whether to wear masks or not.

However, back in the 1918 flu pandemic, almost 100 years ago, grandparents in today’s America were already wearing gauze masks to protect themselves against the 1918 flu.

Officials fear mass hysteria in major cities. Citizens are urged to stay indoors and avoid crowded areas. Here, police patrol the streets to ensure public safety.

In October 1918, Congress approved a $1 million budget to recruit 1,000 doctors and more than 700 registered nurses for the United States Public Health Service. Nurses are scarce because their proximity to and interaction with the disease increases the risk of death.

Letter carriers, public transport workers, and others in contact with the public are particularly vulnerable to illness. Wearing masks helps them avoid infection.


The flu hindered the smooth running of daily operations. Officials are advising everyone to wear masks, even indoors. Many people believe that a person can catch the disease by handling documents and equipment.

Crowded public transport systems are fertile grounds for disease transmission. In Seattle, public health officials asked passengers and employees to wear face masks as a precaution.

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