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Textile Workers Need To Wear N95 Masks To Protect Themselves

The textile industry provides many jobs, but it’s not the best place to work in terms of air quality. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), textiles are responsible for 5% of occupational illnesses, resulting in 1,700 cases per year – all because of poor air quality. Fortunately, with proper use of N95 […]

One half of California’s officially reported cases — more than 4.9 million

Since the hyper-transmissible Omicron variant stormed onto the scene in early December, the virus has wormed its way into seemingly every family and social circle. Residents who for years escaped infection were swept up in the tidal wave of cases. “It is likely, as COVID-19 variants continue to evolve to be more transmissible and acquire […]

Etchers and Engravers Need N95 Masks to Protect Themselves

When etchers and engravers are working with ferric chloride to etch or engrave metal, they need to wear N95 masks to protect themselves from exposure to the hazardous fumes emitted by this acid. Wearing these masks during their job will allow them to breathe normally while they do their work, which helps them avoid respiratory […]

Why N95 Masks are Essential for Forest Fire Inspectors ?

Here are reasons why N95 masks are important year-round for forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists alike. When forest fires break out, they threaten both the natural environment and human lives and property. This danger requires fire inspectors to wear N95 masks in order to protect themselves from breathing in smoke and ash, but these […]

How to Keep Stonemasons Safe from Respiratory Disease ?

“There has been an average of one fatality every 12 months in the stonework sector. Demand for stonemasonry has reflected the increase in deaths and injuries.” According to safe Workers Stonemasons who work with concrete and stone are at risk of suffering from occupational lung disease, which can be fatal if left untreated. For this […]

Prosthodontists Need To Wear An N95 Respirator

Prosthodontists are highly trained dental professionals who specialize in restoring smiles with crowns, bridges, dentures, and other types of dental work, but there are risks inherent to their profession that other dentists don’t face. In order to ensure the safety of themselves and their patients during dental procedures, prosthodontists should always wear an N95 respirator […]

It’s Necessary to Wear N95 When Grinding and Polishing

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that” employees wear N95 masks when grinding and polishing hard materials like glass and stone to avoid breathing in particulate matter that can cause serious damage to the lungs”. Make sure to use your N95 mask at all times while working, even if you’re just dusting off […]

How Do You Wear The N95 Mask?Read it! 

If you work in areas where there are airborne particles that you need to protect yourself from, a mask is an important part of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) approved respiratory protection program. Wearing one is not as simple as it may appear, and there are several details to be aware […]