More than 900 tickets issued in THE US for “mask mandate”

More than 900 tickets were issued in THE US for “mask mandate”
The Transportation Security Administration has issued more than 900 fines totaling more than $640,000 to individuals for violating the mask mandate since the federal government began enforcing it on public transportation systems in late January last year.
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) imposed civil penalties in 922 of more than 3,800 passenger violations it dealt with between January 31 and July 7, the Hill reported Monday. Of these, 788 penalties, totaling $500,000, were filed against passengers who violated the mask order on civilian flights.
The mask order, enacted after President Joseph Biden took office in January last year, requires passengers to wear masks while waiting and boarding public transportation, including buses, trains, subways, passenger planes, boats, and taxis. The mask enforcement period has been extended several times.

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  1. SAMUEL says:

    Really informative! I have 2 questions after reading your article. 1. Are the electret properties of N95 masks related to ferroelectricity?2. Wouldn’t attaching an additional medium filter to an N95 mask then make a supereffective mask? (Since N95s have difficulty filtering medium particles?)

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