Wearing masks is still recommended in high-risk areas, although the CDC has issued the lifting of indoor masks!

The number of confirmed cases in the US has dropped off a cliff. Recently, everyone has been concerned about the Russia-Ukraine war, and seems to have forgotten the epidemic situation in the US.

Recently, the CDC gave a bombshell!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today finally lifted the indoor mask mandate. In most parts of the United States, healthy people, including students, can no longer wear masks.

Is the EPIDEMIC easing in the US?

Do you remember January, when the US broke the dreaded 1 million mark a day? In the closing days of spring, the number of new cases in the continental United States dropped to a fraction of what it had been before. However, new statistics from Johns Hopkins University show that the number of diagnoses and deaths in the United States has finally started to fall off a cliff after a record-breaking winter in the past three months. As a result, the United States seems to be following Britain’s lead and lifting quarantine restrictions.

In the new rules,

72% of people in the US can do without masks?

The CDC updated its mask guidelines last Friday. In the guidelines, the CDC creates new levels of community risk: The CDC’s latest mask guidelines also include a layered prevention strategy to help people determine the risk in their area and wear a mask when needed. According to the latest guidelines, only 28 percent of Americans now live in urban areas where masks are required indoors, compared with the previous guideline that recommended 99 percent of Americans wear masks.

That’s why continents and cities are starting to relax about lifting masks.

As of this week, a number of states, cities, and schools in the US have lifted their mask requirements, including those that have long insisted on wearing masks in school.

On the other hand, although the “mask mandate” has been lifted, many people still cannot get used to the “habit” that has lasted for nearly two years.

While the CDC’s new mask guidelines are justified, experts in the field say the new strain is spreading so fast that the U.S. government must take strong measures to re-start the epidemic.

If measures such as wearing masks in public places are removed as they are now, it is likely to lead to a rapid reversal of the epidemic in the United States…

Although American society has relaxed about masks, individuals are advised to wear masks, pay attention to personal hygiene, and exercise to strengthen their immunity.

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