Another Covid-19 variant-BA.2–has caught everyone’s attention.

Another Covid-19 variant is showing signs that the state is recovering from the surge in Covid in winter.

This virus is called BA.2. It is a branch or sub-lineage of the Omicron variant that has just swept New York state. It’s like a little sister. Some experts even call it “Omicron 2”. But according to the World Health Organization, it spreads faster than its brothers and sisters 1 about 30% faster and equally severe.

Data from the New York State Department of Health show that BA.2 is rapidly occupying the dominant position of its virus family. BA.2. The proportion in the whole state doubled every two weeks, accounting for about one-tenth of sequencing cases. This trend is supported by similar data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention for New York and New Jersey.

Given the experience of New York this winter, this pattern is incredible. Since Omicron’s discovery in late November, the state has recorded 2.2 million cases of covid-19 – the largest surge in the pandemic. Although it is immune to these infections and 75% of New York residents have been fully vaccinated, BA.2 is looking for a room to thrive.

The problem now is, BA.2 Whether the winter boom in New York will gradually subside or prolong it when life returns to normal.

BA. 2 may attack unvaccinated people, such as children and unvaccinated people. Only 33% of New York residents received booster injections. Few health care workers take additional doses so the state health department has delayed the enhanced authorization of this labor force on the grounds of fear of personnel shortage.

On the positive side, this breakthrough among vaccinated people does not seem to have occurred in BA.2 is more common, and overall reinfection seems to be rare. But every coronavirus case provides an opportunity to develop chronic symptoms or long-term covid.

New York cannot rule out any future BA.2 at this time. Other health experts and city officials explain what people should know during that time and how to determine if an area is truly free of coronavirus.

Public opinion polls show that the New York public is divided on lifting COVID-19 restrictions. About half of voters are ready to get rid of indoor masks, while half want to keep them.

Finally, it is recommended that people who have not been vaccinated, those with low resistance, those with novel coronavirus test cases, and those in high-risk areas should wear masks properly.
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