Florida governor — who mocked kids for wearing masks forced them into a dilemma 

“This is ridiculous:” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis asks students to take face masks off at press conference

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday asked a group of students attending a press conference to remove their face masks. The governor, who has strongly opposed face mask mandates in schools throughout the pandemic, said their mask-wearing is “COVID theater.”

Dawn Marshall, whose son Eric took off the mask after the governor’s scolding, told WFLA, Tampa’s NBC station: “It’s just shocking that the governor told these kids to take off their mask. He pretty much said take off your mask, it’s stupid, and take off your mask your parents don’t matter.”

Before he started his news conference, he noticed that a group of Middleton High School students who were standing behind the podium to take part in the event was wearing masks.

He scolded them, saying: “You do not have to wear those masks. Please take them off. Honestly, it’s not doing anything. We’ve got to stop with this covid theater.

DeSantis’s comments were immediately spread on social media — millions of people viewed a video on Twitter. Critics on Twitter said it was hypocritical for DeSantis to push students to take off their masks when he prides himself on supporting “choice” and being the governor of the “freedom state.”

Michelle Todd, host of the “He Said, She Said” podcast and a self-declared moderate, tweeted: “This should’ve been an exciting day for these high schoolers. No hello, nice to meet you from the Governor. Instead a lecture because his props for his announcement didn’t look how he wanted them to.”

Public health experts say that high-quality masks do, in fact, provide significant protection against contracting the coronavirus, despite DeSantis’s claim that masks don’t do “anything.”
In fact, high-quality masks, such as the CDC NIOSH approved N95 mask, should be worn in public or in populated areas while COVID-19 is still present
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9 thoughts on “Florida governor — who mocked kids for wearing masks forced them into a dilemma 

  1. R.B.Seeds says:

    I really find this thorough and informative, but I have a question because of another post I have seen from an OSHA 10&30 certified person. Whether that is true or not, they brought up that N95 masks are originally made to wear in a contaminated environment

  2. James F. says:

    Great article! It may be worth noting that all the qualities discussed in the video means that N95 “masks” are really respirators—subject to all the OSHA requirements for respirators when used in a workplace, including a fit test and a medical fitness test annually.

  3. Piotr Tomaszewski says:

    I’ve been working without a dust mask for a few weeks and I started noticing changes in my health. I didn’t know saw dust can cause lung cancer

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