Los Angeles County reaches ‘high’ COVID activity, kicking off the countdown to the reinstatement of the indoor mask regulation.

On Thursday, Los Angeles County officially reached the “high” category of COVID-19 activity, marking the beginning of a two-week period in which interior masks must be worn.

Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer confirmed the decision Thursday afternoon.If the county is in the “high” category for two consecutive weeks, the mission will be required, occurring on July 29.The predominant subvariants of CURRENT COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County are ba.4 and BA.5.
The number of hospitalizations in the county increased by 88 percent last month.
“As of today, the COVID community level has risen from ‘intermediate’ to ‘advanced,'” stated Ferrer.

Mr. Ferrer stated that the county’s positive rate is currently approximately 16 percent, with approximately 6,400 new cases and 157 hospital admissions every day.

The fact that these subvariants are particularly adept at evading immunity to recent infections is cause for special concern.

Workplace and nursing facility outbreaks are driving the present increase. COVID is the greatest cause of death in Los Angeles County, exceeding drug overdoses and automobile accidents.
Ferrer stated that in the past six months, more people have died from COVID than from any other infectious disease.


In two weeks, if our rates do not reduce considerably, the indoor mask rule will go into effect. It will affect all indoor spaces, including shared office spaces, retail establishments, restaurants, and athletic events where no one over the age of two is eating or drinking.
The increase is caused by a novel, highly contagious subvariant of the coronavirus omicron variant.
“While we did not witness the same level of harm this summer as we did during the Omicron outbreak last winter, we are seeing a far higher number of cases than we did at the height of the Delta outbreak,” Ferrer added.

Given the increased circulation of additional subvariables of concern, it seems improbable that we have reached the apex of the recent surge, and we are already reporting an average of over 6,400 instances each day.

In certain interior spaces, masks are still essential, including healthcare facilities, transportation hubs, transportation vehicles, airports, correctional facilities, and shelters.

A universal mandate would need the requirement to be expanded to all indoor public spaces, such as shared office Spaces, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, indoor events, indoor restaurants and bars, and schools.
According to state data, there were 1,153 COVID-19-positive patients in county hospitals as of Tuesday, up from 1,014 on Saturday. 115 of these patients are receiving intensive care.

The county recorded 5,170 new COVID-19 infections and 14 new deaths on Tuesday.

The new illnesses pushed the cumulative total for the district during the pandemic to 3,183,359 cases.

Health experts stress that the daily data do not accurately reflect the real number of new infections in the county, as many people increasingly rely on at-home testing and test results are not always reported to the county.
The 14 more deaths attributed to the virus revealed on Tuesday brought the overall number of deaths in the county to 32,464. The majority of deaths, according to health officials, are the result of at least one underlying health problem, primarily high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.
As of Tuesday, the average daily percentage of individuals testing positive for the virus was 16.3%.

Regardless of immunization status, a suitable mask covering the nose and mouth must be worn on campus.

Wear a surgical mask or PPE of a higher level, such as N95, KN95, or KF94. Cloth masks are less protective than surgical masks and higher grade personal protective equipment. Masks with valves, vents, or holes should not be used. The CDC makes an exception, stating that NIOSH-certified N95 respirators with exhalation valves can be used.

On campus, faculty and employees must now wear surgical masks or higher types of personal protection equipment, such as N95 respirators or KN95 and KF94 masks. This adjustment is required by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.
While surgical masks or higher levels of PPE (N95, KN95, KF94) are not required, they are strongly recommended because they provide more protection than cloth masks.
Students, faculty, and staff can wear surgical masks, and dispensers are positioned across campus, often near key entrances, staircases, or individual floors. Hand sanitizer is also available from the dispenser.

CDC NIOSH Approved masks recommendation 

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Disadvantages: A box of 50 masks, not individually packaged, should be used within six months after opening


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