Germany has tightened the mask regulations on COVID for travel throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Germany has tightened the mask regulations on COVID

On Wednesday in Berlin, the cabinet of German Chancellor Olaf Schulz passed legislation to ensure that the fundamental safeguards against the coronavirus pandemic will remain in place during the fall and winter, when it is anticipated that there will be an increase in the number of cases of the virus.
In accordance with the new regulations, passengers on long-distance transportation by train, automobile, or airplane are now required to wear N95 respirators. During this time, photographs were published showing German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Economy Minister Robert Habeck travelling to Canada without wearing face masks earlier this week.
How to Put On A N95 Mask Properly? The CDC recommends, when particulate respirators are needed, that one of the following NIOSH-approved particulate respirators be worn: N95, N100, R100, or P100 (Note that the R designation does not mean respirator. These particulate respirators are called R series to designate their filter class and not because they are respirator types of respirators.)
When it comes to keeping yourself and your family safe during flu season, N95 masks are your first line of defense. These masks are designed to prevent the spread of germs like the influenza virus by preventing them from getting into your body through your mouth or nose. However, these masks only work when you put them on correctly, which means it’s important to know how to put on an N95 mask properly so that you can ensure maximum protection from the flu season ahead. Check out this article from Brianne Smith to learn how to put on an N95 mask properly and keep yourself protected this winter!


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12 thoughts on “Germany has tightened the mask regulations on COVID for travel throughout the fall and winter seasons.

  1. Jan Aikins says:

    This is an awesome article. really well done. Remember P100 masks are over 166 times better than N95. Why healthcare authorities never talk about P100 respirators

  2. Nur Mohammad says:

    I really find this thorough and informative, but I have a question because of another post I have seen from an OSHA 10&30 certified person. Whether that is true or not, they brought up that N95 masks are originally made to wear in a contaminated environment

  3. Perlin says:

    Technically, you could cycle between 3 to 4 masks for Covid proof re-usability. Although healthcare workers might also need to change masks more frequently. Brilliant article as always!

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