YICHITA YQD95 general Description

YICHITA YQD95: The Ultimate Solution for N95 Particle Sanding and Respiratory Protection


In today’s fast-paced and highly-contaminated world, the importance of proper respiratory protection and cleanliness is undeniable. As a result, the demand for high-quality N95 particulate sanding respirators has increased significantly. YICHITA N95 mask is one of the best options available in the market, designed to provide efficient and effective particle sanding while maintaining the highest level of comfort and protection.

About YICHITA N95 Mask

YICHITA N95 mask is produced by Shanghai Yunqing Industrial Co., Ltd. and distributed through authorized distributors. The company has a 6,000-square-meter production facility and a team of 100 well-trained employees equipped with 12 automated and 20 semi-automated lines. With these conditions, YICHITA N95 company can achieve the production of 300,000 masks in one day and 100 million in one year.

Key Features of YICHITA N95 Mask

YICHITA N95 mask is designed as an N95 respirator, which means it meets the essential standards for filtering out at least 95% of airborne particles. The mask features a cup-shaped and flat-fold style N95, ensuring a very close facial fit for maximum comfort.

The mask is made from premium materials that are gentle on the skin and have a high level of breathability, ensuring that the user stays comfortable throughout the workday. Additionally, the mask has a sponge nose pad that provides a comfortable fit and enhanced breathability.

YICHITA N95 Mask – The Perfect Solution for Industrial and Medical Applications

YICHITA N95 mask is ideal for industrial and medical applications where high levels of particle sanding and respiratory protection are required. The mask is available in various styles, including bulk, folding, individually wrapped, and sponge nose pad options.

For industrial users, YICHITA YQD8008 and YQD8008V would be the best choice due to their cost-effectiveness, quality, and features. These masks are designed for use in food processing, food safety, general manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, construction, and other industries where particle sanding and cleanliness are critical.


In conclusion, YICHITA N95 mask is the ultimate solution for N95 particulate sanding and respiratory protection. Its premium quality, cost-effectiveness, and features make it an excellent choice for industrial and medical applications where high levels of cleanliness and protection are required. With its extensive distribution network and affordable pricing, YICHITA N95 mask is the perfect investment for those looking to stay protected and healthy in today’s demanding environment.
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