The Best N95 Face Mask

Americans are becoming more familiar with N95 masks because of COVID-19, but what are the best N95 masks? How do we choose the best n95 mask ? Where can we buy real N95 masks ?

Different industries have the different best N95 masks for option , including the medical industry, the construction industry, the general public, how do we choose the best N95 masks for different industries?

For the medical industry, choosing medical N95 masks is the best choice.What are medical N95 masks?

The filtering efficiency of medical protective masks (N95) for particles with aerodynamic diameter ≥0.3 microns is more than 95%. The aerodynamic diameter of airborne bacterial and fungal spores varies mainly between 0.7-10 microns and is also within the protection range. Effective filtering and purification of inhaled odors (other than toxic gases), helps reduce exposure levels to certain inhalable microbial particles (e.g. mold, bacillus anthracis, tuberculosis, etc.), but does not eliminate the risk of contact transmission, illness or death.

What is the difference between medical N95 masks and N95 masks?


Under the NIOSH standard, the filtering efficiency of masked filter materials for non-oily particles (such as dust, acid fog, paint fog, microorganisms, etc.) can reach 95%.


Certification standards are different. One is a medical protective mask and the other is a common dust mask, so the corresponding certification standards are different.

The scope of use is different. Medical protective masks (N95) are mainly used in the medical and health industry, especially in fever clinics, infection departments, epidemic prevention stations and DISEASE control centers. Ordinary N95 masks have a wider range of applications, and can be used in industry, daily life dustproof, anti-haze, general medical protection, etc.

The function is different. Medical protective masks (N95) have the function of blocking liquid spillage and penetration compared with ordinary N95 masks.


A few of the best medical N95 masks:

3Q Sanqi 100GS(Economical and applicable)

N95 FACE MASK 3Q SAN QI SQ100Gs Surgical Respirator

GIKO 1400 Surgical N95 mask (duckbill style)

N95 Face mask GIKO 1400 Surgical N95 Respirator With 510K Cleared

For the construction industry, it is best to choose cup-shaped N95 masks. In the construction industry, N95 masks need to be worn for a long time to prevent dust, because the cup-shaped N95 masks will make the construction workers breathe better when wearing masks for a long time.


A few of the best Cup-shaped N95 masks:

Shining Star SS9001 Cup-shaped Niosh Approved(Economical and applicable)

N95 FACE MASK Shining Star SS9001-N95CUP Mask NIOSH Approved

3Q SANQI 100Sb ( best cup-shaped N95 mask )

N95 FACE MASK 3Q N95 100sb Sanqi Cup-shaped Mask


For the general public , normal N95 masks that have Niosh approved will be suitable for public usage.

The best n95 mask is the niOSH-approved N95 mask.The N95 respirator is the most common of the seven types of particulate filtering facepiece respirators. This product filters at least 95% of airborne particles but is not resistant to oil-based particles.


A few of the best N95 masks for public use :

Nask N95 SM-N9501 (Nano fiber Soft Mask Anti-Virous)

N95 Face mask Nask Mask N95 SM-N9501 Nano fiber Soft Mask Anti-Virous

Yichita YQD95 folding masks

N95 Face mask YICHITA Respirator YQD-95 Individually Wrapped


These are the best n95 mask recommendations for various industries. In the face of COVID-19, we should not be vigilant. Wearing masks is not only to protect ourselves, but also to protect our family and friends.

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