One half of California’s officially reported cases — more than 4.9 million

Since the hyper-transmissible Omicron variant stormed onto the scene in early December, the virus has wormed its way into seemingly every family and social circle.

Residents who for years escaped infection were swept up in the tidal wave of cases.

“It is likely, as COVID-19 variants continue to evolve to be more transmissible and acquire the ability to evade the protection of antibodies against infection, which results in breakthrough infections in the vaccinated and in those with prior illness, it will be difficult for many to avoid being exposed to COVID-19 going forward,” said Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, an epidemiologist and infectious-disease expert with UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health.

if it’s so dangerous, why are the local health depts not mandating a mask indoors, and, more generally, act as if nothing is happening? We did all that thing for two years and now we stop in the middle of the most contagious wave?

No indoor mask mandate. What did y’all expect?

“Omicron is mild” is a lie. People were careless and mask less so it spread and spread.

COVID-19 is spreading on planes. But they removed the test requirement.

Wear a mask whenever you go indoors and anywhere with a lot of people

“Nothing about this is inevitable. It’s a direct result of a failure at every level of government to prioritize public health over profits. There should be mask mandates, vaccine mandates, indoor air quality standards, public education on actual risks, paid leave, etc.” said by Libby in CA.

Government should provide enough masks for the public. What kinds of masks. There are two kinds of masks that can effectively protect you from Covid-19: a medical mask and an N95 mask. The medical mask comes in different designs, but it all works on three principles: covering your mouth and nose, keeping out as many germs as possible, and being comfortable while doing so.

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  1. HUNG Chih-Cheng says:

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