5 Best N95 Masks for Australian

The Australian state of Victoria will hand out 3 million free N95 face masks to prevent COVID-19

In the next four to six weeks, people in Victoria may receive a box of 10 N95 masks free of charge at the Novel coronavirus testing points managed by the government. Masks will also be distributed through community organizations, First Nations gatherings, disability service providers and train stations. Victoria’s premier, Daniel Andrews, said the move made more “sense” as the state passed the peak of the winter outbreak. “Providing free masks to those who need them most will help them protect themselves, their loved ones and Victoria’s hard-working health workers,” he said.

While masks are not currently mandatory in Victoria, authorities strongly advise people with COVID-19 symptoms or who are vulnerable to wear them indoors where social distancing is not possible. However, masks are still mandatory in certain high-risk Settings, including hospitals, aged care and public transport

In addition to the free N95 masks, in fact, the N95 masks purchased by AU are not too expensive. Below are the 5 kinds of N95 masks suitable for Australians, which are not expensive.

Here are the best N95 masks from NIOSHs approved list, and the best KN95 masks from FDAs emergency use authorization list, which you can purchase.

Be warned, the CDCs list of N95 masks is really hard for most consumers to navigate, and there are usually no links where you can purchase the particular NIOSH-approved N95 mask. When shopping for N95 masks, you may want to look at the CDCs NIOSH-approved N95 Respirator List to make sure that the masks you are looking at were tested and conformed to the NIOSH regulations.


Filtering N95 Masks YICHITA NIOSH YQD95




Nanofiber Materials NASK N95 Filter SM-N9501



Bulk Price Benehal MS8225 N95 Respirator

Bulk San Huei UNIAIR SH3500 NIOSH N95 Masks




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